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COUPE DE THEATRE: Sillamäe and Di Vicino agreed on contract resolution!

Angelo PalmeriComment

Drama in Sillamäe. The Eastern Estonia club, while making official the signing of Darius Miceika we announced yesterday morning, communicated that they have agreed together with Giorgio Di Vicino to terminate the contract.

A dry press note released in Russian language appeared in the website stating: 

Following the difficult period of adaptation, Giorgo Di Vicino left team. After the Finnish training camp, the club and the player have discussed the process of preparation, and considering the extremely difficult adaptation process for the Italian player, they have decided to terminate the contract by mutual consent.

‘Mutual consent’ which would suggest the player agreed on the objective difficulties of managing into the Sillamäe environment and the assuming linguistic barriers.

Rumori will try to shed light on this event.

Meanwhile, Italian journalist Gianluca Di Marzio has confirmed that there were 'various problems' for Di Vicino at Sillamäe.