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FC Flora: signed Richard Aland (GK) from Nõmme Kalju

Angelo PalmeriComment

Season 2014 has just closed on Saturday, but clubs are already planning the 2015.

Everything, as usual, starts from the transfer window that now opens in Estonia and will continue untile few days before Premium Liiga 2015 kick-off (March).

The most active is already FC Flora.

After signing international Gert Kams leaving SJK, FC Flora has officially communicated on their website the transfer of goalkeeper Richard Aland from Nõmme Kalju to FC Flora. 

'It was an hard choice' explained Kuno Tehva, Kalju's patron 'it was very difficult because Richard is a talented goalkeeper. We wish him the best considering that getting playing time at Kalju it was hard having Captain Richard Teleś ahead of him,' explained the Nõmme Kalju owner and president.

Will he get any at Flora? There are already two goalkeepers: Stanislav Prins and Mait Toom. Apparently one of the two shall go with all fingers already pointed at Prins.

Considering the words spent no less than by the club chairman, Aivar Pohlak, all hints at Aland being awaited by a start role: 'we believe that Richard is exactly this kind of person that we were waiting at the club. We hope he will continue with work and ambition in order to become an important goalkeeper of FC Flora, exactly how Mart Poom was.'

The player is already looking forward to first training and game with his new club, however did not comment over the reasons behind his transfer. 

(source: FC Flora website)