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Gianluca Grava: wearing Napoli's jersey is a privilege

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In a long interview, youth sector sport director, Gianluca Grava (a former player of SSC Napoli) explained why Liivak left Napoli, confirming it was the player’s wish to leave Southern Italy.

We made this choice in agreement with him, he had some problems with settling in,' explained the 37-year-old club official. 'Probably, Frank was not able to perform according to the expectations and he was not feeling comfortable. He found us open to discuss and he thanked us for listening to him. I am happy if he will be fine in Spain (Frank Liivak moved to 4th tier side Alcobendas Sport, however hasn’t debuted yet due to paperwork reported last week –edit).

After this explanation, Grava explained his philosophy that pushed him to agree with Frank’s release in December.  

I want that people who decide to stay in Naples, they are happy to do that. When season started, I have summoned all the families in the meeting room of Sant’Antimo (the Primavera squad training center -edit) in order to communicate my thoughts. Wearing Napoli’s jersey is a privilege, you must be aware of this. When I started to work as youth sport director (Summer 2013 –edit), I had to run after kids and families, I couldn’t believe that. That’s a reason why my work concept is completely different compared to before.