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Nõmme Kalju

Angelo Palmeri1 Comment

Borislav Topic
(BIH, LB, NK Jedinstvo Bihac)

Nicolas Galpin
(FRA, LB, free agent)

Topic at the handshake with coach Terehhov (

Topic at the handshake with coach Terehhov (

23.06.2015 - Sliding doors at Kalju for the left-back role. Nicolas Galpin was released from the club to make space to Borislav Topic, 31-years-old Bosnian left-back with spells in Romania and Serbia. The club trialled him in the past days and quickly put him under contract.

Is this a sign that Ken Kallaste might finally complete his move to Sweden (IFK Norrkoping)? For sure the club has decided to protect itself in case 'Iron Man' will leave during the current window. Nicolas Galpin did not prove himself up to the challenge when Terehhov tried him on the left flank.
Out of curiosity, IFK Norrkoping are having a summer tour in Estonia. They yesterday demolished Pärnu Linnameeskond in the Estonian Summer capital and will take on FC Flora tomorrow in Kuressaare. Did they come to 'pick up' Ken?