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Kallaste's future will be clear tomorrow

Angelo PalmeriComment
Ken training at Norrköping (

Ken training at Norrköping (

There are about 24 hours between Ken Kallaste and his future in Sweden. Plus the transfer of another central defender to make him space at IFK Norrköping.

The door is not closed for him,’ said coach Janne Andersson to Swedish media ‘if someone leaves, we will take him’ assured the Norrköping skipper adding that it would be ideal for someone to leave the club before Ken would join.

However, few days before a cup tie, there are only rumours about who could leave Norrköping and free a slot for the Estonian international.

Ken, on his side, told to Estonian Vikerraadio, that he is waiting for an answer already tomorrow (Wednesday the 18th of February). He confirmed that the trial was good and the feedback as well.

Kallaste confirmed that there was interest from other countries in Scandinavia, Poland and Bulgaria.