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*EXCLUSIVE* - Kruglov to Azerbaijan

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According to one of ‘Rumori di Spogliatoio’ sources, Dmitri ‘Dima’ Kruglov is set to definitely leave Levadia and join forces with Baku club FC Ravan.

After he denied having a trial in Ukraine (‘it was someone else with the same name’ he declared in the past days to the 29-year-old born in Tapa will move to the ‘Aslanlar’ (the Lions) until June.

He was registered with Levadia as an amateur footballer (jersey number assigned was 26) in order to give him the possibility to leave any time if an offer from abroad had come.


Kruglov when he signed at Lokomotiv Moscow

Kruglov when he signed at Lokomotiv Moscow

Ravan are occupying the one-before-the-last place on the table (9/10) and they are one of the five clubs from the capital (AZAL, FC Baku, Inter and Neftchi).

If they were to finish the season in the same position, they would enter a play-off game (similar system as in Estonian Premium Liiga).

In the last game, Ravan won 1-0 in the derby against AZAL (check video of the game at the bottom).

Tomorrow, they are going to take on Kalju’s Europa League opponents two years ago, Khazar Lankoran, 6th on the table.

Ravan need desperately points as the safety zone is 12 points far.

It is quite likely Kruglov might be already fielded tomorrow at the Bayil Stadium (opened in 2012, 5000 people capacity - game at 13:00 EET) as, according to our information, the transfer has already been sent and received by the AFFA, the Azerbaijan FA .


Dima with Estonian national team jersey. His number is 5.

Dima with Estonian national team jersey. His number is 5.

The Estonian international is returning from Gibraltar where he had a positive performance against the local national team.

His display was embellished by the opener of the 2-0 win.

This was RdS mark for his performance:

Kruglov 6,5
Convincing performance even if Pehrsson (the Estonian national team coach from Sweden - A.P.ed) field him on the opposite flank (right, he is normally a left flanker or full-back - A.P.). You can see he wanted to play a competitive game so bad. Good news for Marko Kristal and Levadia (had he continued at the Tallinn's club - A.P.).
The entente with Vassiljev (
national team teammate playing at Amkar Perm in Russia - A.P.) is like the one of two old friends who have been playing football together since they were kids, which is their case. When Puri is in, he is moved back to his flank.

He played against Azerbaijan national team in November in the last game of the 'Eesti Koondis' in 2013. Probably mentally distracted by his future (he has never made a mystery about willing to move abroad as soon as possible since he returned to Levadia after 8 years abroad) he did not offer the usual solid performance he has got the national team fans used to.

It is not his first experience in the largest country of the Caucasus region as, back in 2008, he joined forces with Neftchi (3 years at the most title club) and he also had a spell at Inter Baku in 2010-11. He has played in Russia at Lokomotiv Moscow (won a Supercup in 2005),  at Kuban Krasnodar and FK Rostov.

When he signed with Neftchi, he was the first Estonian footballer to play in Azerbaijan.

In an interview to Estonian football magazine ‘Jalka’ with Angelo Palmeri, his former Italian coach at Levadia, Franco Pancheri, revealed he made him debut in professional football in 2003: ’’he was already very able in handling the tasks implied in his role. He was quick and had good left-footed shooting skills.’’

Kruglov signing by Levadia last season, it was one of the keys of Levadia success.

A goal scored in the dying moments of a Levadia-Kalju derby (1-2 FT) was  the decisive netting that delivered the 8th title to the Tallinn's club.