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Martin Ustaal (EST - AMF, end of loan
to Paide Linnameeskond)
Mark Oliver Roosnupp (EST - AMF, professional contract)
Kristjan Tamme (EST - GK, professional contract)
Aleksey Shirokov (RUS - GK, free agent)
Siim Luts (EST - LW, free agent)
Ivan Pecha (SVK - CD/RB, free agent)
Artjom Rahmanov (BLR - CB, Grodno Nemanit, BLR)
Taavi Rähn (EST - CB, FC Flora)
Maksim Lipin (EST - RW, FC Infonet)
Kaimar Saag (EST - FW, Assyriska FF, SWE)
Juuso Laitinen (FIN - CB, FC Jazz Pori, FIN)

Maksim Podholjuzin (EST - LB, suspended until 5.12.2016 for matchfixing)
Madis Vihmann (EST - CD, FC Flora)
Igor Subbotin (EST - AMF, Mlada Boleslav, CZE)
Artjom Artjunin (EST - CD, FC Brasov, ROM)
Aleksandr Volchkov (UKR - CD, FC Ararat, ARM)
Roman Smisko (UKR - GK, Narva Trans)
Dragomir Vukobratovic (SRB - MF, NK Osjek, CRO)
Toni Tipuric (AUT, CD, free agent)
Janko Penic (
CRO - LW, free agent)
Heiko Tamm (EST - RW, free agent)
Kristen Saarts (EST - FW, on loan to Pärnu Linnameeskond)

Coach: Marko Kristal (confirmed)

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05.3.2015 - Dmitri Kruglov did not make through the trial at Shakhtyor Soligorsk (same Belarusian club where goalkeeper Artur Kotenko plays). He returns to Levadia as he has already been registered with the team. He will wear nr.18 this time.

Laitinen had his name mispelt at the presentation (RdS)

Laitinen had his name mispelt at the presentation (RdS)

28.2.2015 - During a press conference presenting season 2015, FC Levadia made official the signing of Finnish centreback Juuso Laitinen (picture), right winger Maksim Lipin and striker Kaimar Saag. Marko Kristal said that Levadia's target is always winning the title and added that the the team is 95% completed.

The 5% might be referring to Hindrek Ojamaa.  

The youngest of the Ojamaas has been training with Levadia in the past weeks and might be close to be the last signing of the campaign. So far Levadia have signed 10 players, including offering professional contracts to Roosnupp and Tamme and excluding Ustaal who is close to sign for Kalju. A robust transfer campaign that has changed the face of the team.

Rähn left the white behind to keep the green of Levadia (

Rähn left the white behind to keep the green of Levadia (

19.2.2015 - Time for Levadia to close deals for the central defence two weeks ahead of the season start (they have a Supercup prologue on the 3rd of March).
First, they signed Belarusian Artem Rahmanov. The 24-year-old centreback joins on a deal until end of 2016, which means two seasons according to Nordi calendar. 'The team welcomed me well,' said Artem to FC Levadia website 'the coach was satisfied with my performances. I hope I can give a lot to the club.'
However, it is the signing of Taavi Rähn which made uproar and has created a small precedent since the 33-year-old moved from FC Flora to FC Levadia. It is the the first time an Estonian player of the first, moved straight to the second. However, leaving was not intentional, he explained to Estonian language press: 'Flora did not offer me a new contract,' said the Estonian international 'hinting at the fact that I am too old. There are not many (top -edit) clubs in Estonia, what should have I done, quitting playing?' Concluded sarcastically the Estonian centreback. He has been training already for quite a long time with Levadia sparking a kind of indignation among a part of Flora's fans, however, Taavi is not impressed. 'I was not aware of this,' said the former Flora's captain 'and to be really honest, I don't care,' concluded adding that no one shall be offended following his decision. Certainly the first derby with Flora will be quite hot for him (on the 2nd of May at A.LeCoq Arena).
Whether he will be a starter at Levadia is not sure since the club is still in talks with the other trialists, Juuso Laitinen (you can read more about him here)

 Maksim Degtyarev (

 Maksim Degtyarev (

15.2.2015 - The balance of the Lithuanian camp was not very positive. Levadia managed to overcome only 1-0 the newly promoted Kaunas Stumbras, whereas they fell in a 4-1 loss against FK Trakaj (4th place in 2014 season). Both Juuso Laitinen and Artem Rahmanov took part to the camp and to the friendly games. Meanwhile, Levadia tested also Ukrainian striker, Maksim Degtyarev from Metalurh Donetsk.
Tarmo Kink did not travel to Marjampole with the squad whereas Hindrek Ojamaa was sidelined by seasonal illness.

06.2.2015 - In the second friendly of the day, a different Levadia line-up lost 3-0 to FC Infonet. The XI featured Hindrek Ojamaa (younger brother of Henrik) who returned from testing in Scotland and the Finnish defender Juuso Laitinen. This was the complete line-up: Pikker; Hi.Ojamaa, Laitinen, Kännel, Läst; Mutso, Vassiljev, Rohtla, Tamm; Rättel, Saarts.

06.2.2015 - Levadia took on FK Jelgava in a friendly game and lost 1-0 to the team led by former Latvian international, Vitaljis Astafjevs (Latvian recordman for international caps, 167).

The goal was scored by Nigerian Eriba and Levadia featured the following line-up 10 minutes to go (4-4-2): Shirokov; Pecha, Rähn, Rakhmanov, Luts; El-Hussieny-Raudsepp-Kruglov-?; Kink-Teever.

A line up that will exclude these men from being employed since first minute in the friendly game against FC Infonet tonight according to what is stated by Levadia's official Facebook page itself: 'Kristal will combine the line-ups in a way that none of them will play the full 90 minutes of each.

The game is about to start in one hour and will be streamed here.

Of the three trialists, it seems that only Rakhmanov has overcome the pre-selection and, according to our info, he might be signed in next days to fill the hole in the back line. Taavi Rähn might join as well since he's been realistic about the little chances to move abroad after the failed trial in Thailand. 

International goalkeeper Sergei Pareiko, who announced he might retire in March if he won't manage to find a contract abroad, was watching the game from the touchline. Levadia said doors are open for him if he decides to continue to play in Estonia. There is still a month to decide. 

It is more likely that it will be international Tarmo Kink to be signed if the former Middlesbrough winger will not find a club before Estonian deadline day (5th of March).

Aleksandr Dmitrjev did not take part to the game against Jelgava since he has just returned from Poland where he trialled with Piast Gliwice (Kostantin Vassiljev's club) and he is waiting for an answer.

Simurina with Croatia strip

Simurina with Croatia strip

05.2.2015 - Levadia took a chance to test three players during the 3-0 win against Sillamäe in the indoor tournament. We're talking about Ivan Śimurina (CRO), Juuso Laitinen (FIN) and Artem Rakhmanov (BLR). They are all central defender as Levadia need to fill the holes in the squad.
Śimurina (22) comes from NK Zadar academy and has been an international at U-17 and U-18 level. He has also played in Austrian lower leagues.
Rahimovit is a 97-born player from Śaktar Soligorsk, the club where Estonian goalkeeper, Artur Kotenko, plays.
Juuso Laitinen (25) comes from FC Jazz Pori (Ykkönen, Finnish second flight)

Omar El-Hussieny in one portrait by Riccado D'Agnese (RdS)

Omar El-Hussieny in one portrait by Riccado D'Agnese (RdS)

04.2.2015 - Egyptian Omar El-Hussieny has prolonged his contract with Levadia. The first Egyptian in Estonian top flight will stay at Levadia for another year since his new contract will be until the end of season 2015.

'I am very happy and satisfied,' said Omar to Levadia's website upon signing the new agreement 'let's hope this season will be as successful as the last one.' Omar managed to win the Estonian Cup and the Estonian Champion title (the cup however, belonged to season 2013-14 so it does not entitle for a double) at his first European experience.

He could add silverware on the 3rd of March as Levadia will challenge FC Santos Tartu (cup runners-up) for the Supercup. A likely achievement since Santos (which managed to qualify to the Europa League!) is an amateur club. Omar is a 29-years-old attacking midfielder and was employed by coach Kristal mainly as left winger in 4-4-2. 'Omar was already a great addition for us last year,' confirmed Kristal after the agreement. 'He added crativity and sharpness to our game,' concluded the Levadia's gaffer who is expecting Omar to perform well also this year. 

El-Hussieny became a father of a beautiful baby girl in the past months.

A full interview with Omar from last year is available here.

03.2.2015 - After four seasons, two Estonian titles, one Estonian cup and one Supercup, Levadia's captain left the club to join forces with Narva Trans. Roman Smisko will not defend Levadia's goal any longer in 2015 therefore his season will start on the 7th of March (Narva vs. Pärnu) and not on the 3rd when Levadia will come across Santos Tartu for the Supercup.

31.1.2015 - The central defenders tested last week did not give Kristal a great impression, therefore they will continue searching, said the 42-year-old gaffer to the Estonian press. Meanwhile they have tested Maksim Lipin (returning from Finland) in the friendly game against Kalju (1-0 loss). Maksim played the entire 90'.
Meanwhile, Levadia had got rid of Ukrainian central defender Volchkov who relocated to Armenia after a loan spell to Lokomotiv and a recent trial at Narva Trans.

Freidgemas (left) in action against Malmoe FF (

Freidgemas (left) in action against Malmoe FF (

23.1.2015 - Levadia are testing also Robertas Freidgemas, Latvian central defender who turned champion with FK Ventspils last season.

22.1.2015 - Levadia will be testing another central defender, Matej Centrih (SLO). More info here.

21.1.2015 - Central defender Artjom Artjunin has reached an agreement with FC Brasov from Liga I. More details on this transfer here. Siim Luts instead signed for Levadia last week. We spoke about this transfer with his agent, Harri Ojamaa.

20.1.2015 - Central forward Ingemar Teever has confirmed himself at the club after signing another one-year contract.
Meanwhile, Dmitri Kruglov and Artjom Artjunin are testing in Kazakhstan (full story here)
Good impressions from Slovak central defender Ivan Pecha (article about him here) in last weekend 2-2 draw against Sillamäe.

10.1.2015 - central defender Vitalijs Smirnovs from Latvia (previous club Spartaks Jurmala, LVA), winger Predrag Kaśćelan from Montenegro (previous club Khimik, RUS) and Congo striker Ekokobe Ntumbazondo (picture, he has played in American academies thank to a 'green card') are the three trialists for Marko Kristal in the indoor friendly game today (check schedule here)

(source: Levadia's Facebook page)

31.12.2014 - Problems in central defence for Levadia. This was the dry analysis by coach Marko Kristal in the aftermath of the traditional indoor end of year tournament (paradoxically, in the 'hockey-football' kermesse Levadia was the best defence with only 6 goals suffered). 'Our defence is full of holes,' said the former international in his colourful language. Regarding the competition for the goal (Śmiśko vs. new signing from Russia Shirokov) Kristal said it will help the Ukrainian captain to become even better. Quite hard to believe since Śmiśko has been the best goalkeeper in Premium Liiga for two years running.

23.12.2014 - Levadia are testing a young Russian player (18 years old), Valentin Reshetnjov, youth product of club Petrozavodsk Karelia

23.12.2014 - Now it's official, FC Levadia have signed 25-year-old goalkeeper Aleksey Shirokov (free agent, his last club was Lokomotiv Moscow second team). He signed a 2-year contract (until end of 2016). 'I feel very good in Tallinn,' told the shot stopper to Levadia's website 'and I wait with enthusiasm the new season.' Fans and football followers will have a chance to check Shirokov in January when he will return to Estonia after the new year's celebration as Levadia will continue the season preparation and take on Paide on the 10th of January for a friendly game (check schedule here). Shirokov revealed that another Estonian club offered him a trial. Kristal declared that this addition will add competition in the role hinting at the fact that Roman Śmiśko's start might not be as safe as in the past.
Shirokov's file on

11.12.2014 - Levadia ha won 4-1 the first friendly game of the season against FC Infonet. During the game they tested three players. Goalkeeper Aleksey Shirokov (25-year-old free agent, his last club was Lokomotiv Moscow double), right-back Miodrag Vukajlovic (22-year-old former Austria U-19 of Serbian descent who played at TSV Hartberg, Austrian Erste Liga) and Russian Jevgeni Jevsejev.

Rimo Hunt (left) awarding the young Henri Järvelaid at the youth football gala (Jana Pipar/Nõmme United)

Rimo Hunt (left) awarding the young Henri Järvelaid at the youth football gala (Jana Pipar/Nõmme United)

11.12.2014 - Sander Post, Sander Puri and Rimo Hunt are training with Levadia since Monday. The former Flora striker (Post) is seen as an addition for the defence by Marko Kristal, in fact the 200cm tall player has been player more than several times as central defenders in the past two year at Flora under Norbert Hurt. Sander Post is a free agent after Flora did not renew his contract. Sande Puri is coming from the negative experience abroad with York City FC that released him at the end of season 2013-14. Since then the former international (he's not been called up during 2014 EC qualifiers) has been without a club. Rimo Hunt returns from the positive experience in Kazakhstan and is probably looking forward to another contract abroad. The signing of the three players is still uncertain.
(source: several Estonian media)

9.12.2014 - 17-year-old striker Mark Oliver Roosnupp, has signed a 3-year professional contract with the club. 'There was interest from other Tallinn's club' said Roosnupp without saying the names 'however I chose Levadia and I think I did the right choice,' concluded upon speaking to Levadia's website. Roosnupp was in the second team of Levadia (Esiliiga, second tier) and has also had several training at English academies (last year at Derby County when he was still a Nõmme United player). Roosnupp has already had his first training with Levadia on Monday when the squad gathere in Männiku indoor hall (outskirts of Tallinn) to start the season preparation. 

Nikitinsky with Tom Tomsk strip (

Nikitinsky with Tom Tomsk strip (

9.12.2014 - According to Rumori's sources, Levadia will trial a 22-year-old Russian midfielder, Dmitri Nikitinsky. Born in Volokolamsk (Moscow oblast) the 1992 has played Tom Tomsk, former club of Estonian national team goalkeeper Sergei Pareiko.

7.12.2014 - Igor Subbotin was on trial in Switzerland during the past week. Whether he will join the Swiss club or not, it is not decided yet. 'He trained first with our U-21 and then with us' told English coach Kevin Cooper (a former Cardiff City midfielder) to local media 'we have to discuss in order to see if he can return here in January,' concluded the 39-year-old skipper. Another trip to Switzerland in January is needed. Meanwhile Subbotin and his agent might consider other offers as they told a while ago to Rumori. Next stop might be in Scandinavia.



6.12.2014 - following the involvement of Maksim Podholjuzin in the matchfixing scandal (he received a two-year ban until the 5th of December 2016) Levadia have officially announced the termination of the contract on their website. Podholjuzin was a product of the Levadia academy. In the first team since 2010, he is among the group of players that have risen Levadia back to the title in the past 2 years. He has collected 154 appearances in Premium Liiga (source: and scored 7 goals as a left back. He has collected his national team debut under Magnus Pehrsson (Gibraltar-Estonia 0-2, he played few minutes and was not given a rating by Rumori). 

The taxi of company 'Takso 24h' Rumori caught former Levadia Jahhimovitś at the drive of (click to enlarge)

Before him, also Aleksei Jahhimovitś was suspended for the same reason (full story here) and today works as a taxi driver in Tallinn (see picture). His suspension ends at the end of the year, the likeliness he might return to Levadia seems quite low, however the words spent by Marko Kristal when the news of his involvement broke were quite opening to a return in the squad. Aleksandr Kulinits contract was also terminated beforehand in summer hinting also at his involvement. Confirmation came from the 4 years suspension he received.

Roman Śmiśko (

Roman Śmiśko (

Situation: (4.12.2014) Levadia need to renew the contracts of Roman Śmisko, Tomi Tipuric and Janko Penic. The latters joined Levadia in the Summer and proved valid additions, especially the central defender. The Ukrainian Captain explicitly said he wish to continue with Levadia, therefore it is just a matter of sitting around a table and discuss a new contract. The 'Lord of the Box' is 31 years old however he has shown no sign of ageing as he earned the grades of best Premium Liiga goalkeeper once and again. Additionally, the second goalkeepers do not seem to be enough trustworthy to replace the Captain. All hints at the contract to be extended at least for another year.
Omar El-Hussieny has not hidden his will to try himself elsewhere if the chance will come.
After the 'Regensburg-Blizz-Pohlak affaire', Subbotin went on trial to Servette (SWI, secont tier) and the output is yet to be known.

Targets: (4.12.2014) If contracts of Tipuric and Penic will not be extended, Levadia will need to look for additions in the roles (central defender and left winger) considering also El-Hussieny might leave. If Subbotin leaves too, then also the right winger role is uncovered with the only Heiko Tamm looking too bare as a permanent solution. 
Last season proved that the squad managed to live through all the difficulties and bring the title home, however another central defender and a striker are needed. The latter role could be taken back by Artur Rättel, returning from the knee injury. The young Kristen Saarts (Estonian Esiliiga, second tier, topscorer with his previous club Pärnu Linnameeskond) could also be used an an alternative to the ageing Ingemar Teever. However, the lenght and the depth of the season (in July 2015 Levadia will start Champions League from the very first preliminary) suggest an addition is required.