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Frank Liivak will play in Segunda B (Spanish third tier)

Angelo PalmeriComment

The future of the most promising player of the Estonian national team has been unclear for several weeks already.

Despite Frank Liivak telling the Estonian press that his next club would have been announced in the first week of January, almost two weeks have already passed with no news coming.

What is sure, it is that Liivak will play in Spain.

Rumori has been investigating the situation and can confirm that will play in Segunda B, the third tier of the Spanish football system


The family and his new agent (Italian Giorgio Timpani) have managed to rise a curtain around the 18-year-old striker through which no rumour whatsoever has managed to leak.

Rumori contacted Timpani to ask what is the situation.

'The contract with a Segunda B club is already signed,' revealed Timpani to Rumori, without specifying the club's name and adding that it's just about completing some paperwork before making the transfer done and official.

Obviously everyone in Estonia wants to know which club Frank is heading to. 'All I can tell you is that it's really a strong club and they have great expectations on Frank,' revealed the FIFA agent who has replaced Nesta Sport Group in representing the Estonian international.
'He is going to be a first-team player and everybody wants the transfer to go through in the next couple of days,' confirmed Giorgio Timpani.

Giorgio Timpani is a FIFA agent from Brescia and he represents Mario Balotelli’s brother (Enoch Barwuah) and has already had several bargains with SSC Napoli. He is also the representative of Igor Lasicki, the Polish talent that was one of Frank’s best friends in Napoli Primavera (now loaned to Gubbio - Italian third tier club).

Giorgio Timpani (

Giorgio Timpani (

On a pure speculative point of view, we could figure out which clubs in the Madrid area they could be.

Taking a look at this map of the Madrid clubs in Segunda B, Estonian fans heads might start spinning.

In fact, the options are Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid double teams, profiles which would respond to the 'really strong' one given by Timpani.

However, we cannot rule out Rayo Vallecano and Getafe doubles as these clubs have also first teams in La Liga. Finally, and less likely, there are a couple of smaller clubs: Fuenlabrada and Trival Valderas Alcorcon.

Which one will be?