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Maksim Lipin is testing with SJK (FIN)

Angelo PalmeriComment

Maksim Lipin has been one of the many talents launched in Estonian top-flight by FC Infonet.

On his debut season (2013) he was a regular of Pushtov starting XI and collected 34 appearances and 5 goals.

In 2014 he hit the net 5 times too, however in less appearances (28).

However, his first season was much better than the second. Due to small injuries, he was often sidelined from the XI and didn’t show the same form as in 2013.

Quick and technical right winger, he has a good sprint for working in overlap with a right back.

Simo Valakari (

Simo Valakari (

At the moment he is testing at SJK, the club where Estonian international Mihkel Aksalu is playing. SJK clinched the second place and will play Europa League preliminaries during next Summer.

Maksim has been in Seinajöki already for two weeks, partly hanging with Aksalu himself but overall living with the other young lads at the club.

Rumori got in touch with Simo Valakari, SJK coach. ‘Maksim is a talented young man,’ confirmed the 41-year-old skipper who played at Motherwell and Derby County (he was Mart Poom’s teammate) before trying the American adventure at FC Dallas.

Valakari confirmed that Lipin is definitely a future prospect to keep an eye on.

In my opinion, he needs to live Finnish life first and play one year in the second team,’ hinted the Helsinki-born gaffer ‘later on he can come in as a substitute for Veikkausliga games.’ The reason for Valakari’s advice for the gradual acquaintance is simple: ‘he has to get used to the tempo here and to SJK style of game, however he has everything to do well,’ concluded the Finnish coach who remarked Lipin’s great social skills outside of the pitch.

Any chance for a contract soon? For now the only choice is whether Maksim will play for the first team or the second team in an internal friendly on Saturday.

However ‘we don’t see him as a first-team player for this season,’ remarked Simo who assured the talented player’s future will be decided after this test match.