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Lipin returns to Estonia

Angelo PalmeriComment

It lasted two weeks Maksim Lipin’s adventure in Finland.

Notwithstanding SJK coach, Simo Valakari, hinted a chance for the young Estonian talent to earn a place in the second team, Maksim has already returned home since Sunday, as confirmed by SJK press officer Lari Paski to RdS.

The FC Infonet right winger played a friendly game in the first team vs. reserves on Saturday where he earned a red card in the second half.

The Finnish club officer added that the 22-years-old is not set to return before the start of season 2015 as SJK decided not to offer any kind of contract to the former U-21 international. Lipin will likely return to FC Infonet for continuing the preparation.

We tried to reach Simo Valakari for further comments however, we could not have any feedback.

SJK press officer told Rumori that there won’t be any other trialist from Estonia during the winter window.

After Gert Kams returned to Estonia and signed with FC Flora, Mihkel Aksalu is the only Estonian left at the club.