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EXCLUSIVE, Manucho: I am USM Alger player

Angelo PalmeriComment

Updated on the 10th of January at 18:59 EET

Last night Rumori contacted Manucho upon his transfer to USM Alger.

Manucho, first of all congratulations for your move to Algeria. You are reaching a club fighting for the title…

Manucho (left) in a confrontation with Tammeka's Karel Kiidron (Imre Puhvel/Tammeka)

Manucho (left) in a confrontation with Tammeka's Karel Kiidron (Imre Puhvel/Tammeka)

Thank you very much. Indeed, L’USMA it is a very good club indeed. They are defending champions and running in the African Champions League this year (they will play the preliminary round against Chad’s Foullah Edifice in the half of February -edit)

Last night, after we published the news of your transfer, Soccernet wrote your transfer was not completed. 


Yes, they claim the fee between the clubs is not agreed and that you haven’t somehow passed the medicals. According to our info is not like that. Anyway, could you clarify?

What Soccernet wrote is totally wrong. I can tell you I didn’t have any problem with my medicals and the clubs agreed with each other on my transfer. I just have to make another part of the check-up with blood tests.

I see, thanks for clarifying. Will you debut with USMA on the 20th of January?

I’m not sure because I have something to do in Estonia first and my family as well so we will see. The club told me they are going to give me few days to do everything I need and then I can go back.

Where are you right now?

I am still in Tunisia where I had my trial with the club and we will continue the camp. We are going back to Alger on Wednesday , so as soon as we are there they are going to make everything official and also present me to the fans.