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Lindblom: Ojamaa will not return to Legia

Angelo PalmeriComment

In a long tweet, Henrik Ojamaa greeted Motherwell and the fans since his loan spell is over.

I will be missing all my friends in Scotland as I leave with a heavy heart,’ concluded Henrik.

Is he returning to Legia?

The option seemed likely since he was on loan from the Polish Champions, however, Jonne Lindblom, head of Golden Star Management, denied he will return to Poland with the following tweet.

The fact that Henrik might really be going to a new destination was confirmed also by Motherwell’s tweet: ‘we would like to thank Henrik Ojamaa for his contribution and wish him every success at his new club.’ The club added that they tried to make an offer to Ojamaa but 'he has opted to try something different, which we totally respect.'

Motherwell's general manager, Alan Burrows, told the BBC that he cannot reveal Henrik's destination as the transfer is not completed yet.

Where could he go then?

Due to the FIFA three-club rule (known as ‘FIFA Two’ – more info here) he cannot go elsewhere than Scandinavia or MLS as they follow the so-called 'Nordic calendar'.