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Who is Paide secret weapon? - by Seppo Plotter

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Our new resident columnist, Seppo Plotter, takes the hassle to analyze who could be Paide's target man for 2015. Rooba spoke they have a 'secret weapon'. Before Paide migh be enlisted in then 'rougue countries' list, Seppo pulls out 3 possible candidates to the job explaining why they are plausible choices.

Seppo Plotter is an Estonian journalist who desires to stay anonymous while writing for Rumori di Spogliatoio. This is his debut article.

Any reference to FIFA chairman, Sepp Blatter, is purely a coincidence. Maybe.

In an interview to Õhtuleht, Paide Linnameeskond head coach Meelis Rooba revealed that they are going to hire an Estonian striker who can score 15 goals in Premium Liiga. He added that they have never had such a powerful striker at their club.

Let’s try to speculate on the possible candidate for the job considering Paide has really never had such a target man. In the past two seasons, the top-scorers have hit 8 (Rasmus Tomson in 2014) and 7 (Andre Mägi and Lauri Varendi in 2013)

Glory days. Jüri was Kalju's present-day coach teammate (Sergei Terehhov in the background -

Glory days. Jüri was Kalju's present-day coach teammate (Sergei Terehhov in the background -

RdS’ first choice for the open position is Jüri Jevdokimov
He has reached near or over 15 goals four times. In 2009 he scored 15 goals, the season after 21 and in 2011 bagged 16. 2012 was no exception as he netted 14 times.  

At the moment, he is without contract. Testing period with FC Infonet hasn’t ended with a contract yet. During the last game with Infonet strip, he played 14 minutes against Flora. The game was just three days ago, have Paide offered him a place over the past days? Last two years haven’t brough him much joy.  He was injured for most of the 2013 season. His woe didn’t come to an end in 2014 when he became a free agent after a conflictual relationship with then-coach Igor Prins. His last two season’s numbers are not up to his standard as he stockpiled only 16 games and bagged just one.

Whether the 26-year old forward is going to make a big comeback in Paide shirt this season, time will tell. However, 189 games and 78 goals in Premium Liiga will statistically make him the main choice for the vacant position. In the past month he tried the adventure abroad as, according to our sources, he tested in Cyprus.

Bison or Bear? You choose. (

Bison or Bear? You choose. (

Our second choice will be a Paide-born striker, Tarmo ’The Bison’ Neemelo.
 It has been speculated for last two seasons that ’Karu’(Bear in english, the official nickname for Neemelo) is finishing his career at Paide. He said that many times and so are the club officials.

In February he will turn 33. With the age he has lost a lot of speed and in the last season he scored only 14 goals in the Premium Liiga. A number which cannot be deemed satisfying by a club (Kalju) with title bidding purposes. Still, he is an important part for the team and a player who can teach and give a lot of knowledge to younger players. Reason why, he is enrolled at Kalju as a youth coach.

Strikers’ compartment in Kalju 2015 squad features several indivisuals already. Firstly, former national team striker Vladimir Voskoboinikov who came back from a loan spell in China (Qingdao Hainiu). After ’Vosko’, the next name is a young talent, the U-21 national team striker Robert Kirss (at the moment busy in St.Petersburg at the Commonwealth Cup). A new name is German forward Kevin Holtz, who started testing at the club and has already scored a goal. Last but not least, there also trialist Artjom Dmitrijev and talent Andre Järva. Neemelo to Paide seems to be a logical move.

At the box. Zaho watched 2014 season from the stands (RdS)

At the box. Zaho watched 2014 season from the stands (RdS)

However, football is full of surprises and our third and last offer will be a player who got his football education not far away from Paide: striker Vjatšeslav Zahovaiko, Sillamäe’s player who was born in Lelle. The 33-year old has a lot of international experience and is also about to to finish his career. A serious knee injury kept him away from the field almost all season in 2014. He played six games and scored four goals for Sillamäe Kalev, the club that clinched second place in Premium Liiga last season.

There have been rumours about different job offers that might be keeping him in Eastern Estonia. What will be the X-factor bring him, eventually, to Meelis Rooba? Lack of playing time or a chance to play close to his birthplace? Time will tell. Or the next friendly game, Sillamäe-Paide on Saturday (check full calendar of pre-season friendlies here)

Your sincerely,

Seppo Plotter