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Pärnu Linnameeskond

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Karl Palatu (EST - CB, Paide Linnameeskond)
Rauno Tutk (EST - CB, Tartu Tammeka)
Greger Könninge (EST - LM, Vändra Vaprus)
Chris Anderson (EST - CB, Vändra Vaprus)
Ander Paabut (EST - CF, Vändra Vaprus)
Risto Kauniste (EST - MF, Pärnu Metropol)
Hevar Aas (EST, MF, Pärnu Metropol)

Kermo Hunt (EST – GK, Pärnu JK)
Kris Antsmaa (EST – DF, Pärnu JK)
Jako Kanter (EST – DF, Pärnu JK)
Martin Mardiste (EST – DF, Pärnu JK)
Mirko Mardiste (EST – DF, Pärnu JK)
Henry Laurson (EST – DF, Pärnu JK)
Albert Anissimov (EST - MF, Kalev Tallinn)
Kristian Lenk (EST – FW, Pärnu JK)
Risto Kauniste (EST - FW, Pärnu Metropool)

Taavi Kitsel (EST - DF, Pärnu Vaprus)
Julius Sepp (EST - MF, Pärnu Vaprus)
Alder Lepik (EST - MF, free agent)
Margus Põldsaar (EST - MF, free agent)

Jaak-Peeter Oja (EST - DF, Pärnu Vaprus)
Andro Aavik (EST - DF, free agent)
Ott Midenbritt (EST - MF, Vändra Vaprus)

Coach: Marko Lelov (new)

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28.01.2015 - Bunch of signings announced in a day: Tutk officially joins the club together with three players from Vändra Vaprus and two from Pärnu Metropol.

29.12.2014 - Former Tammeka Tartu, Rauno Tutk, is taking part to end of year tournament with the club. He left Tammeka to pursue a project within the Estonian FA. Will he join the club directed by Raio Piiroja?


17.12.2014 - Former FC Flora coach, Marko Lelov, will be the Pärnu Linnameeskond coach for season 2015. The skipper was already employed at the Estonian FA as U-19 national team coach (he will travel to St.Petersburg in January for the Granatkin Memorial). Born in Pärnu in 1973, the former Viljandi midfielder has also had three international caps (he debuted replacing Dzintar Klavan, Ragnar Klavan's father). He has also been the coach of Viljandi Tulevik before moving to FC Flora. His spell at the Tallinn's club was interrupted during the second season (2013) when Flora replaced him with present-day coach, Norbert Hurt.

17.12.2014 - On Monday the 22nd of December, Pärnu Linnameekond will hold their first official press conference in Pärnu. The conference will be led by Raio Piiroja, the former Estonian international and club's president. Pärnu Linnameeskond will announce the new coach replacing Gert Olesk.

Situation: (4.12.2014) lost Kristen Saarts during summer to Levadia, Pärnu can still count on the Esiliiga second best top-scorer, Henri Hanson. 

(4.12.2014) the presence of Raio Piiroja in the Pärnu project (the former international is born in Baltic seaside resort city) migh work as an attracting factor for players to move to Pärnu (either young or experienced) as mentioned by coach Gert Olesk in an interview to Estonian FA webportal.