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Sillamäe Kalev

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Artem Levizi
(RUS - GK, end of loan to Kalev Tallinn)
Viktor Plotnikov (EST - LMF, Narva Trans)
Tihhon Śiśov (EST - RB, Nõmme Kalju)
Marius Cinikas (LTU - RB, FK Suduva Marijampole)
Aleksandr Ivanjushin (EST - RB, Lokomotiv Jõhvi)
Rytis Leliuga (LTU - RW, Zalgiris Vilnius, LTU)
Giorgio Di Vicino (ITA - trequartista, SF Aversa Normanna, ITA)
Janar Toomet (EST - RW, Nõmme Kalju)
Darius Miceika (LTU - CMF, Trakai, LTU)

Evgeni Kabaev
(RUS - FW, Persija Jakarta, IDN)
Nikolai Mashichev (RUS - LMF, FC Infonet)

Aleksandr Volodin (EST - RB, FC Infonet)
Mikhail Lavrentjev (EST - GK, FC Infonet)
Stanislav Murikhin (RUS - RMF, Volgar Astrakhan, RUS)
Oleksiy Lazebni (UKR - MF, MFK Vranov nad Toplou, SVK)
Micha (SPA - MF, FC Pinatar, SPA)
Vjatseslav Zahovaiko (EST - FW, free agent)
Hiroki Maehara (JAP - RB, free agent)

Coach: Sergei Frantsev (RUS - confirmed)

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04.3.2015 - Giorgio Di Vicino's contract was terminated two days ago. The full story here.

02.3.2015 - A reliable Twitter account on Lithuanian football quotes 32-year-old central midfielder, Darius Miceika, having signed a one-year contract with the club. The Vilnius-born player has spent past season in Trakai and has represented Lithuania 10 times. He grew in Zalgiris Vilnius academy and had a stint also at St.Petersburg double team before moving between Latvia, Ukraine and Belarus.

20.2.2015 - It is now official, after over a month on trial, former Nõmme Kalju winger, Janar Toomet, joins Sillamäe Kalev as announced on the club's homepage. Meanwhile, Toomet was also on trial at a Norwegian 4th tier club, FK Valdres.

15.2.2015 - Giorgio Di Vicino scored his first goal for Sillamäe in a friendly game against FC Infonet. Sillamäe was leading already 3-0 when Giorgio, who entered the pitch in second half, scored on 90' minutes just before the final whistle. The other three goals were netted by Silich, Volkov and Novikov. Upon signing, Di Vicino told to a local paper in Italy: 'I'm very happy for this opportunity, it's my first experience abroad and I want to take it on with all my best effort. Football here is much different from Italy, however here I will have the chance to play the Europa League and this is a great satisfaction.'

Sillamäe Kalev vs. FC Infonet 4-0
12' Volkov, 21' Silich, 78' Novikov, 90' Di Vicino

15.2.2015 - Sillamäe have signed Giorgio Di Vicino, former Serie B player with a past in Serie A at SSC Napoli. He will be the 5th Italian in Premium Liiga (including Levadia's coach Franco Pancheri), the 4th player after Alessandro Rottoli (Levadia), Marco Bianchi and Damiano Quintieri (both at Kalju).

05.2.2015 - Official: Sillamäe have signed Rytis Leliuga, who favourably impressed against Flora.

24.1.2015 - Sillamäe are testing a Lithuanian right winger in the friendly game against Flora, Rytis Leliuga (picture on the right). Leliuga was at Zalgiris Vilnius for two seasons and has played also in Latvia (Liepajas Metalurgs). Under his belt also experiences in Norway and Denmark. The 28-year-old born in Mazeikiai has a past at Exeter City academy, in England. In season 2014, he has collected only 12 appearances but has scored 4 goals for the Lithuanian Champions.

24.1.2015 - Ukrainian midfielder Oleksiy Lazenbiy, moved to Slovakia at third-tier club MFK Vranov nad Toplou. Micha has returned to Spain at FC Pinatar, Tercera Division (Group 13).

20.1.2015 - Italian trialist at Sillamäe last week in the 2-2 draw against Levadia. It is former SSC Napoli (6 appearances in Serie A) Giorgio Di Vicino. We drew a full story of his career in Italian football (Serie B) here. According to some observers, his performance was from reminiscent of the past glory days. Very unlikely Sillamäe will sign him.

14.1.2015 - In the attempt to replace Evgeni Kabaev, the Premium Liiga 2015 topscorer who joined a club in Indonesia, Sillamäe are testing a Russian striker: Pavel Jessikov.
The 26-year-old forward was already coached by Sergei Frantsev at Avangard Kursk. 'We have to make a good choice,' remarked the Russian coach who took over the job at Sillamäe during last season. Frantsev hinted at the possibility that more strikers might be offered.
Meanwhile, Aleksandr Ivanjushin has officially joined the club after leaving Lokomotiv Jõhvi.
(source: Põhjarannik)

10.1.2015 - Former Levadia's defender, Alexei Jahhimovitś, is testing at Sillamäe. The player was involved in the matchfixing scandal (check here) and suspended until the 31st of December 2014. After working as a taxi driver for a while he is back to his home town. He already took part in the season's first friendly against FC Infonet (Sillamäe lost 9-1).

Another trialist is former Levadia and Kalju winger, Janar Toomet.

31.12.2014 - Coach Sergei Frantsev did not hide his worries for the striker's position since Kabaev left for Indonesia. 'We're dealing with looking for a new striker,' admitted the Russian coach to . Solntsev (34 years old) has been tested as a start for the 2015 XI. Frantsev admitted that Suurpere and Paju future in Sillamäe depends both upon the impression they will leave in training and, finally, upon their own words. According to Rumori sources, Tammeka shall try to convince them to stay in Tartu for another season with the hope to send them abroad in 2016. Frantsev admitted the young Tartuvians are good prospects.

29.12.2014 - Geir-Kristian Suurpere, Andre Paju and Juri Solntsev could be Sillamäe's additions in January. The three have joined Sillamäe for the end of year indoor tournament. Suurpere and Paju are coming from Tammeka whereas Russian Solntsev comes from Dinamo St. Petersburg (Russian first division).


25.12.2014 - Not only a player but also a club official is brought from Lithuania since Sillamäe have given the sport director role to 61-year-old Shenderis Girshovicius. Owner of a UEFA Pro licence released by the Ukrainian FA Girshovicius has coached several clubs in Lithuania and covered the same role as sport director in Latvia at Liepaja Metalurgs.

23.12.2014 - Another right back for Sillamäe and it's an old acquaintance since they brought back to the squad the 28-year-old Lithuanian Marius Cinikas. Cinikas was in Sillamäe for just one season (2013) before returning home at FK Suduva Marijampole. Born in Keidainai in 1986,  he has had stints also in Scotland, Belarus and Latvia. In season 2013 he collected 38 appearances (Premium Liiga and Estonian Cup) for a total of 3,333 minutes of play (source during which he scored one goal (against Paide) and collected three yellow cards.
(source: Sillamäe Kalev website)

17.12.2014 - The club has announced to have signed Tihhon Śiśov. The former Nõmme Kalju right back has collected 42 caps with the national team. He was at Kalju since 2012. It's his third Estonian professional club including FC Levadia. He has also had spells abroad in Azerbaijan (Xazar Lankharan) and Hungary (Györ ETO FC).

9.12.2014 - Evgeni Kabaev has signed a 1-year deal with Persija Jakarta and will take nr.99. 'I want to be a topscorer also in Indonesia and win the league,' told the former Sillamäe striker, 2014 Premium Liiga topscorer, to the club's official website.

9.12.2014 - Everything seems likely to be official for Evgeni Kabaev at Indonesian club, Persija Jakarta. The 2014 Premium Liiga topscorer has reached Jakarta together with Estonian international Martin Vunk and they have been presented via the twitter account of the club.
Full story about this transfer here.

Plotnikov with Narva's strip

Plotnikov with Narva's strip

6.12.2014 - After losing three players to FC Infonet, president Starodubtsev reacted by announcing the club will sign Viktor Plotnikov from Narva Trans. Plotnikov was Narva Trans' topscorer last season (9 goals) and one of the most positive players. The Eastern Estonia club's chairman confirmed that also Russian left winger, Stanislav Murikhin, will leave the club. Igor Cheminava, Mindaugas Baguźis and Kyrylo Silich will be reconfirmed in the squad. Starodubtsev revealed he offered new contracts to Lavrentjev and Mashichev however they refused. Volodin has moved to Tallinn for family reasons. (source:

Kabaev receives one of the many mugs for the MVP title assigned by ETV (Premium Liiga broadcaster)

Kabaev receives one of the many mugs for the MVP title assigned by ETV (Premium Liiga broadcaster)

Situation: (5.12.2014) if Evgeni Kabaev will sign with Indonesian club, Persija Jakarta (full story here) Sillamäe will lose their 36-goal man for next season. Meanwhile three key-players of the second place have gone to reinforce a direct rival (Mashichev, Volodin and Lavrentjev).

Target: (4.12.2014) Kabaev might need a replacement. Unless Frantsev will be left to make go with Kvasov (12 goals last season) and the returning Zahovaiko from the long-term injury that hit him in Spring. For the left wing role, the Russian coach can still rotate his squad using the versatile players, however, as usual, there might be some additions coming from Russia.