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*OFFICIAL* - Swedish striker to Nõmme Kalju

Angelo PalmeriComment

It did not take so much time for Kalju to solve any kind of dilemma in the strikers line as feared by the press.

With Vladimir 'Vosko' Voskoboinikov on loan to China and Damiano Quintieri sidelined by an injury, Nõmme Kalju have quickly reached an agreement with the Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Zlatan announced the agreement himself in the middle of the night from his Twitter account (click to enlarge)

The terms of the agreement were not disclosed by Kalju's Sport Director Sergei Terehhov reached by RdS in the heart of the night following some good sources hinting at the meeting taking place in a secret location: ''it was not hard to convince him'' said the 39-year-old club official ''he requested us a personal chef and the possibility to use a gym for his martial arts training. We talked with Arigato and he will have the gym all for himself on Thursdays'.

Terehhov added that the transfer was also made possible by Ibra not travelling to Brazil for the World Cup: ''he said he could have never come if he were due to go to Brazil. In the end we have to thank Cristiano Ronaldo if Ibra will wear Kalju's shirt''

The former AC Milan, Barcelona, Inter, Juventus and Ajax forward will join Kalju in June.
He will first help his side, Paris Saint Germain, to reach the title and eventually also the Champions League final.