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Latvian club Riga United signs beINSportUSA journalist Tancredi Palmeri

Angelo PalmeriComment

A IV.league Latvian club made up by foreigners in the capital of Riga, has signed tonight the Italian journalist Tancredi Palmeri.

30-years-old born in Bari, Tancredi has played in school tournaments during his childhood and progressed with club football at amateur level with Saturday-league games.

He played already one season with Riga United

Tancredi is the Serie A face for beINSportUSA.

The signing of the contract happened in the framework of the San Siro stadium just before the big match Milan-Juventus kick-off.

Tancredi Palmeri when he was in Riga United - third from right, bottom line - click to enlarge

According to Tancredi Palmeri, his contract will start to be effective since July.

Justin Walley, the club CEO depicted in the picture with Tancredi is very satisfied of the signing.

'It is a great move for the club' said the Englishman based in Riga to RdS 'he was free agent therefore there won't be any countereffect on the club budget. Tancredi is a massive signing as he will bring solidity to the midfield pack. He's implacable on tackles and can also score goals. Mediatically, it will put our club under the spotlight, which is never bad'.

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