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Premium Liiga transfer window Winter 2013-14

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NB: The transfer summary doesn´t and won´t include movements within the club (eg.: from the double team to the PL squad). Transfers are as learnt from Estonian media and

We have furtherly added potential transfers and rumours (in italics) as per players seen at the Aastalõputurniir information read in the Estonian press or rumours heard/received.
NB! At the end of the transfer window those transfers/rumours might not be confirmed!

The summer transfers can be found here.

All Premium Liiga clubs are involved in a friendly tournament taking place in A.LeCoq Arena complex at the newly built indoor hall. Here is the full schedule and also international friendlies for the top clubs.

Legend: Player´s name (role, nationality, from/to *loan/free agent/contract termination specified if* – country if went to club abroad)

Gany Muratbayev Stadium, the new home of Rimo Hunt in Kazakhstan - click to enlarge (Soccerway)

Pavel Marin (MF, EST, FC Puuma)
Vladislav Ivanov (FW, RUS, FC Khimik Dzerzhinsk)
Heiko Tamm (MF, EST, Tammeka Tartu)
Kevin Ingermann (DF, EST, end on loan to Kalev Tallinn)
Arsenij Bujnickij (FW, LTU, Panevezys Ekranas - LTU)
Omar El Hussieny (MF, EGY, Kahrbaa Ismailia - EGY)


Rimo Hunt (FW, EST, FC Kaizar Kyzylorda - KAZ)
Marten Saarlas (FW, EST, FC Infonet)
Andero Pebre (MF, EST, unknown)

Nikita Koger ( FW, EST, on loan to Kalev Tallinn)
Kevin Ingermann ( DF, EST, on loan to Kalev Tallinn)
Lauri Välja (MF, EST, 
on loan to Kalev Tallinn)
Kaspar Kaldoja (DF, EST, Nõmme Kalju)
Erkki Junolainen (MF, EST, Flora)

Coach: Marko Kristal (confirmed)

Levadia news:  Kassim Aidara, Sillamäe offensive midfielder has been testing with Levadia in friendly game against FK Jurmala . During the same game the Estonian Champions have also tested Lithuanian player Arsenij Buinickij (Panevezys Ekranas, LIT)

After all the trials, Rimo Hunt (check under 'Estonian Internationals') finally signed with a club abroad: FC Kaizar Kyzylorda from Kazakhstan. Rimo, 2013 Best Player according to RdS readers, signed a contract for one year with the top-flight club.   

Ivanov shaking hands with Levadia CEO Theimo Tülp (

Ivanov shaking hands with Levadia CEO Theimo Tülp (

Rimo Hunt place on the forward line will be taken by Vladislav Ivanov who signed a contract with Levadia on the the first of February . The striker is back at the greens who are probably preparing the ground if Hunt will leave during the summer. The 28-year-old born in Narva is back at the club after four years. He was on trial for a while also at Narva during the season build up and at the End-Of-Year Tournament. ''It is a very valuable signing'' commented coach Marko Kristal. Ivanov declared himself happy to be back at the club he was Estonian Champion with in 2004, however did not hide his intention to accept a foreigne offer if that shall arrive during his new stint at Maarjamäe. 

Albert Kuqi (Klubi-4 Helsinki, FIN) is the youngest of 3 brothers, one of them, Njazi Kuqi, plays in Italy at Pro-Vercelli (Italian third tier). During his trial at Levadia, the Finnish-Kosovar got a knee injury, a RdS source revealed. The entity of the injury is not clear yet. However, the player will not join Levadia.

Latvian players Ingus Ślampe (DF, FHK Ljepaias Metalurgs) left the trial with the Champions (he played a friendly game against Infonet on the 10th of January - 3-1 for Levadia) and went to test and later signed a contract with Latvian club Spartaks Jurmala.

Extension of contract for midfielder Kaljumäe, defender Artjunin and goalkeeper Smiśko (all until the end of 2014).


Heiko Tamm (Tartu Tammeka) has been testing with Levadia and played in Aastalõputurniir as Alexander Vassiljev (Paide Linnameeskond). The latter however returned to Paide (he played a friendly game against Kalju on the 11th of January)

Andero Pebre left Estonia to relocate in Australia, not sure whether he will continue his football career there.

Saarlas has signed with Infonet.
Jakovlev is trial at the club located in Lasnamäe.

Levadia signed Egyptian striker Omar El Hussieny who has played in UAE Arabian Gulf League (top tier).

Kosuke Usami (MF, JPN, back from loan to Sillamäe Kalev)
Andre Järva (FW, EST , FC Ararat Tallinn)

Fabio Prates (MF, BRA, unknown)
Reginald (MF, FRA, unknown)
Novo Papaz (MF, BIH, FK Famos Vojkovic)
Martin Vunk (MF, EST, Sillamäe Kalev)
Nicolas Galpin (DF, FRA, unknown)
Mikk Reintam (DF, EST, JJK - FIN)
Karl Mööl (MF, EST, FC Flora)

Kaspar Kaldoja (DF, EST, Levadia)

Eino Puri (MF, EST, FC Botosani, ROM)
Yankuba Ceesay (MF, GAM, KuPS - FIN)
Sergei Terehhov (MF, EST, end of career)

Adis Hadzanovic (MF, BIH, on loan to Sana'a Al-Ahli - YEM)
Vladimir Voskoboinikov (FW, EST, on loan to unspecified Chinese club)
Alo Dupikov (FW, EST, contract ended)
Andres Koogas (DF, EST, unknown)
Hiroki Maehara (DF, JAP, contract ended)
Kosuke Usami (FW, JAP, contract ended)
Marco Bianchi (DF, ITA, unknown)
Allan Kimbaloula (MF, FRA, Slask Wroclaw - POL)


Coach: Igor Prins (confirmed)

Kalju preseason focus by Chris Jones:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Wakui with FC Lahti jersey (Pertti Louhelainen)

Wakui with FC Lahti jersey (Pertti Louhelainen)

Kalju news: The young U-21 Andre Järva (he is actually only 17 years old) has signed with Kalju coming from lower leagues club FC Ararat.

Kalju signed Novo Papaz, Bosnian midifielder from FK Famos Vojkovici (second flight of the Serbian entity of the Bosnia-Hercegovina state).

Martin Vunk has left Sillamäe Kalev to join Kalju.

Japanese defender Hiroki Maehara and his country fellow, Kosuke Usami, are not anymore Kalju players.

According to several sources and considering that Kalju FC have signed another central defender (Mikk Reintam) we can consider Andres Koogas not a Kalju player any longer.

Vladimir Voskoboinikov has been testing in China, the club was not specified . According to the club, 'Vosko', the 2013 best striker, is about to sign a loan contract in China. The club's name remains unknown.

Now it's official, Hidetoshi Wakui is again a Kalju FC player. He has signed a contract for one season with option for a second. 

'The Japanese Wizard' had been testing at FC Lahti, FIN, however it seemed that he did no make an impact on Toni Korkeakunnas, FC Lahti coach: ''There's not so much to talk about Wakui's game'' said the 44-year-old former player MyPA coach ''Everyone saw that, I am disappointed'' declared to

Wakui returned to Estonia at the end of January as confirmed by his tweet above. 

Kalju's president, Kuno Tehva, declared to press that doors are open at the club for Toshi. 
Wakui claimed earlier while he was in Japan that, if a call would have come for him, he would have happily returned. 

The 30-years-old midfielder had joined already  trainings since the end of January 2014 , as communicated by the club's Facebook page however he didn't travel to Finland for the friendly game against FC Honka on the 23rd. The decision about signing him came on the 20th of February as earlier communicate by the club itself from social medias..

Siim Tenno played a friendly game against Daugava Riga and scored a goal. 'He left a good impression' declared coach Igor Prins 'however one game is too little to judge. We will decide in the next days.'

While Allan Kimbaloula is about to move to Poland ( full story here ) Kalju have been testing a Nigerian striker according to one of our sources who could not confirm the name (he was seen at training on the 17th of February). The name was revealed by the club itself on the 18th of February when Kalju communicated that they did not offer a contract to the player Jude Aneke, one cap with the Nigeria national team.

It's official: Mikk Reintam is a Nõmme Kalju player! He has signed a contract with the 2013 runners-up for 1 year with option to prolong. More info about Reintam transfer story here

Karl Mööl will sign with Kalju after not renewing the contract with Flora. The 1992-born midfielder has been trialling at the club for more than a month and coach Prins has declared that he had a good impression of the boy. Apparently there was interest from other Premium Liiga clubs and the main issue was with his studies at the University that seemed to have been the reason of the breach with Flora.

Reginald signed a 5-year contract with Kalju FC. The French player grown in the academy of Lille-LOSC is setting himself up in Estonia for a long time.

Also Fabio Prates  can be considered signed as the club declared on their Facebook page that they are going to sign both the Brazilian and the French midfielder.

The two foreigners had already been testing for a month with Nõmme club and Reginald made a good impression (you canm read more about him on a upcoming focus on Kalju's pre-season by our new writer Chris Johns).

With Eino Puri and Yankuba 'Mal' Ceesay gone, Kalju have replenished the midfield line.

After training and playing few games with Nõmme Kalju, Tarmo Kink has signed with Hungarian club Kaposvar Rakoczi.

He was officially a free agent at the end of January since Varese (Italia Serie B club) agreed on contract annulment and let the player go to find a new club.

Tarmo tested with Nõmme Kalju in a friendly game against Levadia on the 17th of January.

During the game he was wearing the number 18, the one left vacant by the veteran Sergei Terehhov (retired at 38-year-old of age).

He later on declared to that he's been training two weeks with Kalju in order to keep fit. He repeatedly declared to Estonian press that he had no plan to continue at Kalju. Igor Prins confirmed that he is not counting on Tarmo as the player is longing to find a contract abroad. More info about Kink's transfer situation in the 'Estonian internationals' article.

Chris Johns, new 'Rumori di Spogliatoio' football writer, judged his game as follows: ''he came on at half time. Funnily enough he caught my eye but because he did almost nothing in 45 minutes. He was playing in the hole just behind Neemelo but didn't seem to do anything. He didn't seem so interested and I don't remember him being involved in any attacks. If he wasn't Kink, you wouldn't have guessed he is an international player''

Tarmo  travelled to Finland (Espoo) together with the squad for a friendly game against FC Honka, Veikkausliiga runners-up in 2013. Tarmo subbed in Kimbaloula and was later sent off. Italian Damiano Quintieri described as 'unfair' the referee decision: ''opponents used all kind of means during all the game time, however he got a straight red on the first foul he did''.

Contrary to positive impressions by Igor Prins, Finnish midfielder Vili Roivanen (from FC Jippo) and Portuguese one, Donigio Inzaghi, they will not be signed by Nõmme Kalju as they have left the club after just one test match (1-0 vs. Paide) and they will not return. No 'Inzaghi' in Premium Liiga for now.

Kaspar Kaldoja (from Levadia) has been playing in the test match against Levadia themselves (1-0 for the Estonian Champions).


Another Lille academy product tested for long at Kalju, Nicolas Galpin. He is likely to sign a contract with the club.

After Sander Puri, also Eino leaves Estonia as he was signed by Romanian top-flight club FC Botosani (RdS exclusive news). Sport director of the Romanian club said: ''On 8th of January, Eino Puri joined. We really wanted him and we are convinced that he will be useful'' stated Leontin Grozavu ''Puri is a central midfielder but can also play in flanks. We were impressed especially by his skills on the offensive phase.'' FC Botosani occupies the 12th place of the Liga I topped by Astra Giurgiu where Levadia's summer opponents, Pandurii Targu Jiu, play too.

The club is otherwise famous for his flamboyant president, Mr. Valeriu Iftime.

He is known for his 'crazy' attitude in the approach to football.
Reading here and there and talking to our sources in Romania, he is much alike Maurizio Zamparini, the US Palermo president owner: colourful words and a fame as 'coach eaters'.

When they asked him about his involvement in football, he said ''I entered footballl out of stupidity'' literally.

Regarding his attitude towards coaches: ''I keep a coach as far as he is delivering results. If there are no results, something must happen. By results, I mean either points or a team that plays good football. Unfortunately, now we don’t play football'' declared a while ago when Cristian Popovici was the FC Botosani coach. In fact Popovici was sacked a while ago (December 2013) and according to Iftime words, he fired him while he was on a business trip in Moscow. Over the phone. Iftime has explained his attitude towards coach very well: ''I am very good at sacking coaches, I can sack them quickly in an afternoon''.
Since he has been the FC Botosani chairmen (2005) he has changed coach 5 times, still far from Zamparini's figures.
Hopefully Eino Puri will not have to work with several different coached until the end of the season.

Eino Puri in action in a friendly game in Hungary against DVTK, Botosani lost 3-1:

Mihhail Lavrentjev (GK, EST, Paide Linnameeskond)
Gajus Gulbis (MF, LTU, Banga Gardzdaj - LTU)
Jaroslav Kvassov (FW, UKR, FK Zorja Luhans'k - UKR)
Aleksei Lazebnoi (MF, UKR, FK Skala Stryi - UKR)
Stanislav Murikhin (FW, RUS, Terek Grozny II - RUS)

Igor Tśeminava (DF, RUS, Zenit St.Petersburg - RUS)

Paolo (MF, BRA, unknown)
Robertas Vezevicius (DF, LTU, Kruoja Pakruojis - LTU)
Deniss Vnukov (MF, EST, Lokomotiv Jõhvi)
Emmanuel Gurtckaia (MF, RUS, Kiviõli FC Irbis)

Maksim Paponov (MF, EST, Kalev)


Alexandr Bebikh (FW, RUS, Velldoris)
Kennet Jädal (DF, EST, unknown)
Kassim Aidara (MF, FRA, FC Infonet)
Marius Cinikas (DF, LTU, Suduva - LTU)
Martin Vunk (MF, EST, Nõmme Kalju)


Coach: Sergei Ratnikov (confirmed)

Sillamäe news: FC Infonet place a great signing as Kassim Aidara moves to Tallinn leaving Sillamäe. Among the best foreigners of 2013 season, he scored 17 goals in 34 matches.

Serbian born talent eligibile for England, Nikon Jevtic, nicknamed 'El Maestro', was on trial with the Eastern Estonian club. More info about this young prospect (1993) can be read in

According to the webpage looking at British nationals playing abroad, Sir Alex Ferguson tried to sign him after watching a videoclip of his feats on YouTube. However Schalke 04 were quicker. However, the club from Gelsenkirchen did not offer him a professional contract and he had to return to his previous club, Austria Vienna.
In 2013 his talent landed in Hungary first at historical club Ujpest to be later on dropped in a minor club after a short passage in Poland.

He gained a British passport as his family moved to the UK when he was a child due to his father work. In his passport, the nickname 'El Maestro' has been incorporated into his name.

However, it was not enough to impress coach Ratnikov who sent him back home.
No 'El Maestro' in Premium Liiga.

Marius Cinikas has signed with Lithuanian club Suduva, the 27-years-old defender will return to his home country for season 2014. According to Lithuanian media, he said he wants to be noticed for the Lithuanian national team and sees more prospects in Lithuania than in Estonia.

An Afghani trialist was sent back to Sweden, where he lives, after it was discovered he neither belonged to Östersund SK first team nor to Afghanistan national team. Apparently his agent lied on his CV as Samid Hadid has only played in the club's third team (located in 7th tier of Swedish football system) and probably has seen national team only in his dreams.

Contrary to previous rumours, coach Ratnikov said that defence line is complete and there is no interest towards Karl Palatu (Flora).

The simple interest in Paide LM goalkeeper Lavrentjev, is instead confirmed as a fait accompli: ''he is in Sillamäe'' declared Meelis Rooba, Paide's coach.


Irakli Logua (FW, RUS, free agent, signed new contract)
Raio Piiroja (DF, EST, Chengdu Blades - CHN)
Karl Mööl (FW, EST, end of loan to FC Kuressaare)
Marten Mütt (FW, EST, end of loan to FC Kuressaare)
Taavi Rähn (DF, EST, FF Jaro - FIN)
Erkki Junolainen (MF, EST, LEVADIA)
Johannes Kukebal (DF, EST, end of  loan to Kalev Tallinn)


Sander Van de Streek (MF, NED, on loan from Jong Vitesse/AGOVV - NED)
Irakli Logua (FW, RUS, unknown)

Karl Palatu (DF, EST, Paide Linnameeskond)
Johannes Kukebal (DF, EST, on loan to Kalev Tallinn)
Lamin Suma (FW, SLE, termination of contract)

Karl Mööl (FW, EST, Nõmme Kalju)
Marten Mütt (FW, EST, Paide Linnameeskond) 

Coach: Norbet Hurt (confirmed)

Flora news:  Whether he will play or note (he is injured and assumingly will decide about his career during the summer) Flora have announced the signing of Raio Piiroja. Full transfer story of the international here

Sergein Mośnikov is training with Flora. After being testing in Kazakhstan, it seems that he might return to Estonia.

Another Estonian international,
  returns home.
Taavi Rähn is officially an FC Flora player. After admitting that  he was thinking about staying at Flora and he finally decided to join Hurt's young side. Norbert Hurt himself, admitted he could be an important player with his experience in a very young side (the average age of the starting XI against HJK Helsinki was 21,5). Taavi Rähn has already been playing several friendly games (HJK Helsinki, Brondby and FC Lahti). In the last friendly game against Lahti ahead of the Supercup against Levadia, Rähn was given a start, a clear sign that he was been tried for the important game on February the 25th.

Irakli Logua has returned to Flora. His first game was a friendly against FC Lahti. More info here.

Karl Mööl returned from Kuressaare and left immediately after. The 21-year-old 'trequartista' is now on trial at Nõmme Kalju. He will not continue with Flora. At the moment he is testing with Nõmme Kalju and it is quite likely that he might sign a new contract with the 2013 runners-up.

Back to the club is Zaxara Beglarashvili: healready signed during the summer as the Georgian was free agent after leaving the club Sioni Bolnisi (GEO) due to several problems.

On trial Levadia young midfielder (22-years-old) Erkki Junolainen. Junolainen might be training with Flora 1st team next season, he will occasionaly be on the bench but he will be mainly playing for Flora double.

Coach Hurt has declared they will not sign any other players as the plan is to invest on the youngsters from the academy.

On a curious note, Flora have a 'new' goalkeeper: Stanislav Pedõk has changed name into Stanislav Prins, as FC Flora website confirms.

Karl Palatu does not enter into Hurt's plans considering he was not employed in the final part of 2013 season. Hurt has declared Palatu role in Flora will be only as a coach (youth) as he will not continue in the main squad.



Elari Valmas (FW, EST, FC Kuressaare)
Siim Tenno (MF, EST, Tammeka Tartu)
Kaspar Paur (FW, EST Levadia II)
Karl Palatu (DF, EST, Paide Linnameeskond)

Joel Indermitte (DF, EST, FC Kuressaare)
Tauno Mõttus (MF, EST, Kalev Tallinn)
Marten Mütt (FW, EST, FC Flora)
Sander Sinilaid (MF, EST, FC Kuressaare)
Gregor Aru (MF, EST, Levadia II)
Kennet Kukk (FW, EST, Nõmme United)
Dmitri Kovtunovitš (DF, EST, FC Infonet)
Karl-Johann Reitalu (MF, EST, Flora II)
Stanislav Goldberg (MF, EST, SJK - FIN)
Siim Sten Palm (GK, EST, FC Kuressaare)
Atie Said (FW, SWE, Jonsereds IF)


Mihhail Lavrentjev (GK, EST, Sillamäe Kalev)
Tengitz Eteria (MF, GEO, unknown)

Carl Tubarik (DF, EST end of career)
Mait Nõmme (DF, EST, HÜJK Emmaste)
Karl Ivar Maar (FW, EST end of loan from Flora II)
Karel Voolaid (MF, EST, end of career)
Tiit Tikenberg (FW, EST, Viljandi Tulevik)
Meelis Peitre (DF, EST, unknown)
Lauri Varendi (MF, EST, unknown)
Jaan Leimann (MF,EST, unknown)
Tõnis Vanna (DF, EST, end of career)
Teet Allas (DF, EST, end of career)

Coach: Meelis Rooba (confirmed)

Paide news: Atie Said is the second foreigner at Paide next season. The Swedish player has been testing with Paide since the last two weeks of January into February and he played in the friendly game against FC Infonet. Attacking player, he has played in Swedish lower leagues and once voted as best player at a Gothia Cup tournament. According to the information received by RdS, he has left a good impression on coach Meelis Rooba.

Despite the participation at
Aastalõputurniir, Carl Tubarik will not continue playing football (one sign: he didn't have the captaincy armband at the end-of-December tournament).

Peitre, Leimann and Varendi they all left Estonia to go living in Australia. At present no news about them having found a club in the kangaroo country.

Club's coach, Meelis Rooba, is facing a change of generation that might end up in a total makeover of the squad. Paide LM are eager to get new players according to the coach's words.

Former FC Kuressaare players Valmas and Indermitte, have joined Paide after a long trial as they were seen already in December at the Aastalõputurniir.

Nigerian Uwa will continue at the club.

Goalkeeper Lavrentjev goes to Sillamäe whereas new goal guardian will be Niinepuu from Kalev.

Aleksandr Vassiljev returned from trial at Levadia.


Tanel Melts (MF, EST, Nõmme Kalju)
Marten Saarlas (FW, EST, Levadia II)
Deniss Malov (MF, EST, unknown)
Kassim Aidara (MF, FRA, Sillamäe Kalev)

Vladimir Malinin (FW, RUS, on loan from Velldoris)

Anton Tsuikov (DF, UKR, end of loan from Levadia II)
Aleksandr Bebikh (FW, RUS, on loan to Velldoris)
Dmitri Kovtunovits (DF, EST, Paide Linnameeskond)

Coach: Alexandr Puśtov (confirmed)

Infonet news: FC Infonet signs Kassim Aidara from Sillamäe, 17 in 34 matches for him in Sillamäe last season.

Deniss Malov has joined Infonet. Confirmation comes from the team picture where Malov is depicted, first from left on the top row (click to enlarge).

the young club from Lasnamäe district is very ambitious since they signed Dmitri Skiperski as sporting director, previously at FC Levadia.

From Levadia joins also Marten Saarlas. The 18-year-old striker was testing in the past at Twente and Ajax. According to his words, he's been hanging out to the movies with Wesley Snijder and his brother while he was in Amsterdam.

Saarlas with Sport Director Dmitri Skiperski. They both come from Levadia.

Saarlas with Sport Director Dmitri Skiperski. They both come from Levadia.

Former Nõmme Kalju flanker Tanel Melts signed with the club. Infonet will debut on Matchday 1 against Kalju.

Ats Sillaste on trial from Kalev Tallinn and Markus Holst from Paide Linnameeskond.


Albert Taar with Wisla Plock jersey

Albert Taar with Wisla Plock jersey

Sergei Lepmets (GK, EST, free agent)

Sergeijs Misins (MF, LVA, Daugava Riga - LVA)
Evgeni Ponyatovski (GK, RUS, Lokomotiv Jõhvi)
Aleksandr Mryanski (FW, BLR, FC Belshina - BLR)
Artem Domrachev (FW, RUS, Torpedo Shadrisnk - RUS) 

Ioan Leagu (FW, MDA, FC Speranta Crihana - MDA)
Hob Bea Fridolin (FW, CMR, FK Blazma Rezakne - LVA)
Fabio Possagno (MF, ITA, Portogruaro Summaga - ITA)
Kirill Korban (DF, RUS, Daugava Riga - LVA)
Vladislav Fjodorov (DF, EST,  FC Narva United-Futsal)
Vargin Der (FW, GER-TUR, Preussen Munster II - GER)


Deniss Muhametidnov (MF, RUS, unknown)

Aleksandr Dubõkin (MF, EST, Jerevan Ararat - ARM)
Ilja Śesterkov (MF, RUS, unknown)
Sergei Kazakov (MF, EST, end of career)
Vitali Kutuzov (MF, 
RUS, Lokomotiv Jõhvi)
Denis Kulikov (DF, EST, Lokomotiv Jõhvi)
Kristaps Dzelme (GK, LVA, unknown)
Valeri Smelkov (GK, EST, Lokomotiv Jõhvi)

Albert Taar (MF, EST, Wisla Plock - POL)

Coach: Valeri Bondarenko (confirmed)

Trans news: The Eastern Estonian border city club has signed Latvian Sergeijs Miśins from FK Daugava Riga.

Albert Taar, who had been on trial at FC Infonet, has signed a contract with Polish club Wisla Plock. 'The Oilers' - as they are nickname in Poland - are a club from Pierszwa Liga, the second flight. They won a Polish cup and supercup in 2006. They have also played three times in Europe, their first time was against Latvian side FK Ventspils (2003-04).

Trans declared target for 2014 is to step back in the top five. Several players from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are on trial.

Goalkeeper Sergei Lepmets, who had ambitions of becoming a chef (!) was signed as free agent.

26-years-old forward from Camerun, Fridolin, has been testing in game against Kalev Tallinn (6-1, he scored two goals). A goal also for German-Turkish trial Vargin Der.

After a trial period, Ivanov decided to sign with Levadia.

On trial Moldavian forward Ion Leagu, a past in the U-'s of his country.



Nikita Koger ( FW, EST, on loan from Levadia)
Tauno Tekko (MF, EST, Tammeka Tartu)
Lauri Välja (MF, EST, on loan from Levadia)
Ian-Erik Valge (FW, EST, FC Puuma)
Johannes Kukebal (DF, EST, on loan from Flora)
Albert Anissimov (MF, EST, Pärnu Linnameeskond)
Raiko Karpov (FW, EST, FC Kuressaare)
Ranon Kriisa (MF, EST, Saue JK Laagri)
Silver Saluste (GK, EST, JK Visadus)
Alen Stepanjan (DF, EST, FC Viikingit - FIN)
Lasha Omanidze (FW, GEO, unknown)
Ando Hausenberg (DF, EST, Tammeka Tartu)
Maksim Babjak (MF, EST, Lokomotiv Jõhvi)
Oliver Heliste (DF, EST, MC Tallinn)

Henry Niinlaub (MF, EST, free agent)
Ioneal Armean (DF, FIN, FC Espoo)
Juri Gavrilov (MF, EST, FC Kuressaare)
Anton Issakov (MF, EST, Pärnu Linnameeskond)


Mart-Mattis Niinepuu (GK, EST, Paide Linnameeskond)
Alex Sander Sepp (MF, EST, Flora II)
Kevin Ingerman (DF, EST, end of loan from Levadia)
Daniel Vazquez Evuy (DF, EQG, unknown)
Ats Sillaste (MF, EST, unknown)
Mikk Sillaste (DF, EST, unknown)
Risto Kägo (MF, EST, unknown)
Aladin Sisic (FW, BIH, NK Domzale - SLO)
Edwin Stüf (MF, EST, unknown)
Stefan Tripkovic (FW, SRB, FK Rad - SRB)
Martin Tšegodajev (MF, EST, FCF Tallinna Ülikool)
Maksim Paponov (MF, EST, Sillamäe Kalev)


Coach: Tarmo Rüütli (new)

Kalev news: Stefan Tripkovic has signed a contract at FK Rad Beograd, Serbian top-flight club which arrived 7th last season.

With the club turning back into amateur, the perspective of important signings have shrinked. The new coach, former national team coach Tarmo Rüütli, will have the task to develop youngsters

The Balcan talent, 2013 protagonist, Aladdin Sisic  is officially a NK Domzale (SLO) player. Sisic has been testing at Slovenian club (PrvaLiga, top flight) and had already played two friendly games (one against Red Star Belgrade).

On Wednesday the 5th of February he did not take part to a another frienldy against Italian Serie D (5th tier) club, Mezzolara. ''I will play on Thursday (the 6th of February)'' told to RdS back then ''I like it here, it's really a professional team'' declared happily the 22-year-old Bosnian flanker.


Valeri Śabanov (MF, EST, on loan from JK Merkuur-Juunior)

Maxime Mbongou (MF, CGO, Lokomotiv Jõhvi)
Kaido Koppel (GK, EST, FC Elva)
Heiko Tamm (MF, EST, Levadia Tallinn)
Rasmus Tomson (MF, EST, Paide Linnameeskond)
Siim Tenno (MF, EST, Narva Trans)

Tauno Tekko (MF, EST, on loan from Pärnu Linnameeskond)
Marvin Prempeh (DF, GER, unknown)

Coach: Indrek Koser (new)

Tammeka news: 

According to one of RdS sources Tomson will join Paide Linnameeskond. Tammeka were in talks with Siim Tenno, who back in 2013 was in Germany for some trial which did not end up with a contract. However the player wil go to Narva Trans according to the same source.

The  MTÜ JalgpalliKool Tammeka will continue the sporting title of the club as they have accepted the offer from the Estonian FA. More info here.

The head coach will be Indrek Koser, last year the double team coach and Erkenbrecher's assistant. 

Kristjan  Tiirik has confirmed that  Tamm and Koppel have definitely left the club. 

They also had a talk with Martin Jõgi who was on trial in Latvia and in Jõhvi. Martin played a game against Kalev and he is likely to stay.

'The defence line will be the same' Tiirik told to Soccernet 'Lorenz, Paju, Anderson, Naggel. We have also talked to Tauno Tekko, on Monday (the 17th - A.P.) the situation will be clearer'.
The assistant coach will be Andrus Lukjanov, also goalkeepers' coach.
Tiirik has confirmed that he might play also the next season.

Also Valeri Śabanov will stay at Tammeka, he played in the friendly game against Sillamäe Kalev II

Maxime Mbongou is back to Estonia. He had several trials in Greece and Turkey which did not end up with being offering a contract. Whether he will be back in the 'new' Tammeka or not is uncertain.

At club level, previous marketing manager, Kalle Paas, former marketing specialist, will deal with everyday business at the club.


Denis Kulikov (DF, EST, Narva Trans)
Maxime Mboungou (MF, CGO, Tammeka Tartu)
Alexander Hlõbostin (MF, EST, Kohta-Järve)

Valeri Kurlotskin (DF, EST, FC Puuma)
Vitali Kutuzov (FW, RUS, Narva Trans)

Bogdans Nesterenko (DF, LVA, FK Maschu-KMV Pyatigorsk - RUS)
Rihards Ivanovs (MF, LVA, FK Rezekne/BJSS - LVA)
Igor Potapov (DF, RUS, FK Piter – RUS)
Kevin Kaivoja (MF, EST, JK Järve)
Valeri Smelkov (GK, EST, Narva Trans)


Evgeni Ponyatovski (GK, RUS, Narva Trans)
Andrei Tjunin (MF, EST, end of caree)
Maksim Babjak (MF, EST, Kalev Tallinn)
Aleksei Mamontov (MF, EST, unknown)

Coach: Viktor Nesterenko (confirmed)

Maxime at Loko (Facebook)

Maxime at Loko (Facebook)

Lokomotiv news:  Nesterenko declared that they tried to contact players from other parts of Estonia but they are reluctant to move to Ida-Virumaa (Eastern Estonia region).  Instead they will get a player from very far away (Congo) who has already played one season in Estonia: former Tammeka player, Maxime Mboungou,

He tested in a friendly game against a Latvian side on the 16th of February. The player returned to Estonia after several trials in Greece and Turkey and is looking for a club. Now he has officially joined the newly promoted.

Jõgi, right, testing at Loko (

Jõgi, right, testing at Loko (

Martin Jõgi (Tammeka) has been testing with Loko and went to Latvia to test with FB Gulbene. He declared to Estonian press he was testing also at FC Daugava Riga in December. However, the Latvian club, declared on Twitter that this information is wrong.

Martin Jõgi got in touch with RdS to clarify the little mystery: ''I played with Daugava Riga on the 20th of December'' claimed the young striker last year at Tammeka ''I was playing with nr.11 and I played the entire first half of a friendly game against Atlantas''. Martin sent also a video of the game showing us where exactly is (7th from right starting with Daugava Riga captain). Martin will probably stay at Tammeka.

Martin Jõgi at Daugava Riga...not a ghost...

Martin Jõgi at Daugava Riga...not a ghost...

The Albanian player Aldo Shkalla tested with Loko back in January, but he was not signed.
The young footballer told to Loko's website that it was the first time in his life that he saw the snow (Estonia at that moment was covered by snow and temperatures were abundantly below zero).