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OFFICIAL Tukiainen signs with Flora, Atlantis FC sport director words

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Sakari Tukiainen shows his FC Flora strip in a snowful A.LeCoq Arena, his future home stadium for the next two years (

Sakari Tukiainen shows his FC Flora strip in a snowful A.LeCoq Arena, his future home stadium for the next two years (

As anticipated by Rumori before Christmas, the deal for Sakari Tukiainen might have been concluded past the holydays. That’s what happened this morning when FC Flora announced the Finnish striker signing on their website.

Tukiainen reaches FC Flora for an undisclosed amount as Atlantis FC sport director did not want to reveal the details.

Fastest gets it, like we say in Finland,” commented satisfactorily Janne Wikman,  who explained Sakari’s situation ‘’We didn’t get any offer from AIK Solna, but player’s agent, Ville Lyytikäinen, made a good job in selling Sakari and we got a nice deal what made both sides happy.’’



‘’It’s a 2+1 contract with very nice conditions. He will move to Tallinn in January and will live in an apartment provided by Flora. He really liked the  one-week trial in Tallinn and he likes people in the club and conditions there,’’ without mentioning that Helsinki is just a few hours sail from Tallinn.

Sakari Tukiainen is the seventh Finnish player joining Flora after Jonatan Johansson (1996-97), Janne Erik Oinas (1997-98), Jasse Jalonen (1997-98), Jesper Johansson (2000) Juha Hakola (2007, 2008) and Valeri Minkenen (2010, 2011, 2012).

Tukiainen has hit Finnish headlines by breaking record scoring in one season for Finnish third tier (Kakkonen): 40 goals in 27 games, more than half of the goals scored by Atlantis FC (76) who failed the promotion to Ykkonen at the play-offs

I hope it takes a year when Flora will sell him to a bigger club somewhere in Europe,'' added Wikman, as assumingly Atlantis FC have spared a percentage from Sakari’s resale ‘’it might take a year maybe two, however Estonian Premium League is quite strong environment where to grow.’’ Obviously, it will not only be the Estonian domestic league to have played a role in Sakari’s signing, since Flora can offer a European window for next season: ‘’this is the biggest plus of the transfer as he can make his debut in Europa League. All Finnish players want to play there and now he has the opportunity for that.’’ From Kakkonen to Europa League preliminary, Wikman admitted this was a huge leap for the young striker (1991).

Wikman wished Tukiainen all the best in Estonia adding he is already searching for a new ‘maalikuningas’ (goal king).

Flora got definitely their and now the challenge for 2015 has been kicked off.

Interview in Finnish with Tukiainen (Estonian subtitles)