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Viljandi Tulevik

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Sander Post (EST - CF, FC Flora)
Gerdo Juhkam (EST - CB, FC Flora)
Ragnar Piir (EST - CB, on loan from FC Flora)
Karl-Ivar Maar (EST - AMF, on loan from FC Flora)
Erkki Kubber (EST - AMF, on loan from FC Flora)
Joonas Tamm (EST - CB, free agent)
Martin Allik (EST - MF, free agent)
Maario Laansoo (EST - RB, free agent)
Martti Puolakainen (EST - GK, FC Vikingit, FIN)
Sander Kapper (EST -RW/LW, FC Myllypuro, FIN)


Coach: Aivar Lillevere (confirmed)

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10.2.2015 - Another home boy returns: Joonas Tamm. The former Trelleborg FF (SWE) central defender (a spell also in Italy with Henri Anier at Sampdoria U-20 - see picture). 'I am glad I can represent my home club back in the top-flight,' told Joonas to Viljandi Tulevik's website. Tamm already trained with Tulevik for two months.

24.1.2015 - Flora's goalkeeper, Magnus Karofeld, is testing with Viljandi since he played in the 0-2 loss to Narva Trans.

12.1.2015 - FC Flora are feeding the Viljandi's side with three more additions (on loan): Ragnar Piir, Karl-Ivar Maar and Erkki Kubber.

Gerdo Mutle (left)

Gerdo Mutle (left)

10.1.2015 - Gerdo Juhkam leaves Tallinn to return to home town. 'Considering I haven't made my debut in Premium Liiga yet, I hope I will do this season,' told Gerdo to the club's website.

9.12.2014 - Viljandi signs Sander Post who was let go from Flora. The 200-cm tall striker returns to his home town club after 10 years and a long career that has brought him abroad (Denmark, Holland and Norway)

9.12.2014 - chairman Raiko Mutle confirmed that the squad needs additions: 'with this squad it will be a bit difficult' declared to Estonian FA website 'in order to have more stable performances, players with greater quality are needed.' The chairman hasn't excluded the return of local boys who have meanwhile played elsewhere. Sander Post is already a big name available since the tall striker is a free agent and was born in Viljandi. The 200-cm tall striker is 30 years old, probably still early to return home for closing his career. However, a lack of alternative home and away might make the move likely.

Situation: (4.12.2014) this is probaly the club with the biggest question mark above its head next season. It is very likely that the Southern Estonia squad will stay the same. 

Target: (4.12.2014) competing with Pärnu and Paide to attract loans will be already hard.