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Voskoboinikov: China is well developed in football

Angelo PalmeriComment
Vosko at the Brazuca presentation back in November (Francesco Antonio de Caprariis)

Vosko at the Brazuca presentation back in November (Francesco Antonio de Caprariis)

After revealing the club Vladimir Voskoboinikov move to on loan, RdS approached him at the end of Kalju-Infonet game he was attending.

Vosko, your impressions about the transfer to China, how do you feel?

Very good. Right now all the emotions are positive. I didn't expect that in China it is all so well-developed, so I guess it is a good move

Did you already speak to Raio Piiroja (Piiroja was at Chengdou Blades, same tier – A.P)?

No I haven’t spoken to him. I just went there to check myself how it was. I think this way it is more telling than asking someone else.

How did Kalju look today (Kalju-Infonet 1-0, match report here – A.P.) without you?

Very good, even better without me! (laughs).

However you are still the 2013 topscorer.

I don’t know, maybe someone like Tarmo or another striker comes out in the meantime as topscorer, maybe scores 30 goals.

Who played best today?

Well, you know, the first game is always tense. I think the best player today was the team

Good luck in China!

Thanks! And your Estonian is pretty good!


Vladimir Voskoboinikov was 2013 topscorer of the Premium Liiga with 23 nettings. They were not enough to secure Kalju their second title in a row though. Here is a video prepared by the Estonian FA to celebrate the topscorer at the EFA evening gala closing the 2013 season in November.