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Victor Vatsko: Zenjov back to Karpaty it's not real

Angelo PalmeriComment

Viktor Vatsko is a popular football commentator and TV anchorman in Ukraine, however, he’s been also board member at Karpathy Lviv, Sergei Zenjov’s previous club.

Asked about the ‘Lions’ transfer situation during an internet conference, he mentioned the Estonian international.

Viktor Vatsko (Twitter)

Viktor Vatsko (Twitter)

I understand that, after spending a lot of years in Lviv, Sergei Zenjov pursued a change of scenario,’ admitted Vatsko ‘he always looked towards Europe and I believe he will keep making an effort to continue his career in one of the EU countries.

Whether Vatsko would like to see Zenjov back to Ukraine or not, it was a simple answer. ‘I would be very happy to see him wearing the jersey again,’ admitted Vatsko ‘the squad would earn a lot. However, to be honest, I don’t believe in this kind of future development.

It’s not the first time that Zenjov’s name is made in the Ukrainian press with a pinch of nostalgia. His former coach, Igor Jovicevic, praised his signing during an interview back in October.

In a recent retrospective look by Galsports, Zenjov was entered into a parade of Karpaty all-time foreigners. 139 games and 23 goals at the Lions, Zenjov was mentioned as one of the fundamental players in the European achievement of summer 2010 when Karpaty managed to reach the Europa League group stage after a long campaign through the qualifiers and the play-off game against Galatasaray.

Zenjov’s career did not take off in England as the club released him after he was made available for loan.

Zenjov on his presentation day at Blackpool back in July 2014 (Blackpool FC)

Zenjov on his presentation day at Blackpool back in July 2014 (Blackpool FC)

The likeliness of a return to Ukraine is indeed very tiny since Zenjov said he spent too long time in Lviv in an interview to 'Jalka' back in October: ‘I think this was too long time in the same team. Especially abroad,' admitted the 40-time capped international 'If it was home, it was another thing. I wanted to change. I wanted to try myself elsewhere, to check whether I was ready for another environment. I thought about moving earlier. If someone had wanted to purchase me, then I’d have gone, I was thinking. However, at the moment it’s quite a hard situation in the transfer market. Even as a free agent is quite hard to get anywhere, because free agents are so many.’ True words, since Zenjov has been without a club for already a couple of months.

In a recent interview to the Estonian press, he said he would happily return to play into the Estonian domestic league if there was a ‘superclub’ with chances to compete in Europe.

The list of national team players without a club is quite lenghty, ranging from goalkeeper Pareiko to young Frank Liivak going through experienced players like Joel Lindpere, Tarmo Kink and Enar Jääger.

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